Tomato for gorgeous skin

Readily available in your Kitchen. Don’t appear shabby while you have all that can do the magic to your access

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We love it when we can whip up effective beauty treatments from what’s readily available in the kitchen. Tomato is one such wonder that promotes fairness, balances the pH of the skin as well as tightens the skin pores for a refined look. The lycopene present in it further helps fights ageing signs to reveal a younger looking skin. Here is how you can use tomato topically for a gorgeous skin!

For toning and tightening pores

Mix equal quantities of tomato juice and honey and pour it into an ice cube tray. When it sets, you can use it to tone your face. Just cover a cube with a muslin cloth and rub over your skin. The ice will also accelerate the process of closing the skin pores.

Tan removal

Summers get us tanned so easily! To combat this, rub a slice of tomato all over your face and neck. Let it…

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